And We Danced DJ Entertainment had the pleasure of DJing with Silent Sound System at the Pennsylvania Bus Association’s fun-filled Silent Disco reception at the Wyndham Garden State College.  A Silent Disco is a music filled event with DJs mixing music and guests wearing headphones that minimize noise pollution and disturbance.  Guests wear headphones and have access to three separate transmissions of music from three separate DJs.  If they do not like the song on one channel, they may change to another and continue singing and dancing.  The only people that know what is being played by the DJ are the people wearing headphones tuned into a specific channel.  The colors seen on each headphone set indicate what DJ they are listening to at that time.

Silent Discos became popular during the nineties when raves were causing music disturbances to neighbors.  Today, they are being utilized in a variety of businesses.  A backpack is also available that provides the feeling of a subwoofer.  The bass of a song is transmitted to a person wearing the backpack.  So, the thumping beat can be felt even though no speakers are being utilized to transmit the music.

The Pennsylvania Bus Association is a nonprofit organization representing private bus companies.  They represent the business and governmental interests of private bus companies that operate in Pennsylvania.  One of their missions is to promote motorcoach travel through tourism or charter service.  Each year they have an annual meeting.  This year, Happy Valley Adventure Bureau helped create the four-day event with a variety of fun-filled experiences alongside business opportunities.

Each guest was given headphones to wear and taught how to tune into the three different channels.  They then gravitated to the dance floor and began to dance.  It was fun to watch the different colors on the headphones intermix on the dance floor.  One person might be dancing to a song the blue channel and another on the red or green.  It didn’t matter what color guests listened to at the time, but all were dancing and having fun.

Thank you, Silent Sound System and the Pennsylvania Bus Association for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be part of your amazing event! 

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And We Danced DJ Entertainment performed at the wedding celebration of Haley and Noah held at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center. The happy couple were united in marriage by Sarah Voight at Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church in State College, Pennsylvania. Haley wore a bewitching white, three-quarter length sleeved, lacey, and beaded gown from Formalities by Tracina Fisher. The theme for the event was fall coloring featuring brown, plum, and peach colors. The bridal attendants were garbed in delightful plum gowns. Noah and his groomsmen were arrayed in brown tweed jackets displaying a hint of orange and gray pants.

The Penn Stater’s Delyn Walker, Conference and Catering Manager, and her staff presented the guests with tempting hors-d’œuvres and a magnificent meal. Avant Garden created the beautiful bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and table arrangements. Delectable Delights by Heather crafted a gorgeous, tiered wedding cake with two white dogs as the top centerpiece. The featured dogs resembled the two dogs that are part of Haley and Noah’s family. The Mane Style coiffed the bride, bridal party, and bride’s mother. Bob Lambert captured those beautiful and glorious moments between the bride, groom, family, and friends throughout the day and evening.

Noah and Haley love the classic songs spanning from the 1960s through the 1980s in addition to modern classics. Haley belonged to a swing dance club in college, and many of her friends showed that they could jitterbug and perform ballroom dancing moves. Noah and Haley began the night dancing to Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love.” And We Danced DJ Entertainment opened the dance floor, and friends and family began to shake their booty to the music. Noah requested the “Chicken Dance” be played, and he shook his feathers alongside Haley, family, and friends to the timely classic. Haley’s grandfather, who is in a wheelchair, led the dancers in a conga line around the room. Throughout the night, guests were laughing, smiling, and dancing to the beat. In the end, family and friends congregated around Noah & Haley while they danced their final dance of the night.

Thank you, Haley and Noah for choosing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be a part of your wedding day festivities. Good luck as you begin your new life as husband and wife!

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And We Danced DJ Entertainment had an entertaining night celebrating the marriage of Justin and Kayla at Toftrees Golf Resort. All present enjoyed the sundown marriage ceremony on Toftrees’ green uniting Justin and Kayla. Kayla wore a sleeveless, mermaid style wedding gown while her bridesmaids were adorned in sleeveless, navy blue gowns. Justin and his groomsmen looked dashing in in their gray ensembles. The parents of the flower girl and the ring bearer garnered attention as they held the little tykes in their arms while walking down the aisle. Justin and Kayla had beautiful, huge smiles on their faces as they faced the audience when being introduced as Mister and Missus for the first time.

The bride’s color scheme for the event was tropical greenery, navy, light gray and gold. Lauren Lucas of Winged Beauty Studio was the stylist for the bride and bridal party’s coiffure. Emily Rickard of Pocketful of Posies created the stunning bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for the event. The arbor that the newlyweds stood beneath while exchanging vows was also arrayed with a stunning arrangement of white and greenery created by Emily. Melissa Stitzer of The Cakery crafted the wedding cake and cupcakes for the event. Guests the option of choosing a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream icing, a white cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing or a marble, almond flavored cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing. And We Danced DJ Entertainment was the performing artist for the wedding and reception proceedings.

The bride and groom began their night dancing under the stars to MAX’s Stipped/Acoustic version of “Lights Down Low.” The newlyweds met while working at the Penn Stater Hotel’s restaurant when the bride was a freshman at Penn State University. The couple were very nice when feeding each other a slice of wedding cake. They got a little naughty with the icing after pictures were taken. The traditional father/daughter dance occurred that night. A special moment put a beautiful smile on Justin’s face as he danced with each aunt for the nontraditional aunt/son dance. The couple ended the night with a spectacular sparkler sendoff.

Thank you Justin and Kayla for choosing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be a part of your wedding day festivities. Good luck in your new life as husband and wife!

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And We Danced DJ Entertainment had a fantastic time celebrating the marriage of Ashley Thomas and Brandon Taylor recently in Cassville, Pennsylvania. Brandon and Ashley tied the knot on the Thomas’ family farm. Dave Thomas was the officiant for the wedding ceremony.

The rain soaked soggy ground did not take away from the love and joy of the event. Family came from far and wide to celebrate the grand occasion. Brandon and other family members laid hay down to stop the sogginess of the grass interfering with the reception festivities. The hay was a lovely touch and created a floating atmosphere for dancing that night.

The bride and groom had a marvelous two-layer cake to cut and feed to each other. Brandon and Ashley were naughty and nice for the event. They feed each other a sliver of cake, and then Brandon added a touch of icing to Ashley’s face as the naughty part. Guests were given a choice of white, chocolate, lemon, apple spice or peanut butter cupcakes.

The newlyweds had a homestyle buffet for guests to enjoy. Beef, chicken, and pulled pork were the choice meats with chicken nuggets added for the youngsters. And We Danced DJ Entertainment provided the ceremony sound, reception music, lights and emceeing for the day’s events.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Taylor began the reception festivities dancing to Scotty McCreery’s This Is It. Ashley could always be seen dancing with her son Mason or family members that night. There was a little rivalry occurring later in the evening between relatives when one donned an Ohio State sweatshirt and another wore a Penn State sweatshirt while awaiting highlights of the Penn State-Ohio State football game.

Thank you Brandon and Ashley for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be a part of your marriage ceremony and reception. Good luck in your new life as husband and wife!



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And We Danced DJ Entertainment had a memorable evening celebrating the marriage of Stephanie Winkler and Zach Shinall at the Atherton Hotel in State College on May 18, 2018. Stephanie wore a beautiful white gown from Formalities, and Zach was dressed in a marvelous black tuxedo with a white vest and tie. The bride’s theme colors were blue and silver. The bridesmaids wore royal blue gowns, while the men wore black tuxes with royal blue vests and ties.

Both Zach and Stephanie are sci-fi enthusiasts, and it showed in their table layout at the Atherton. Tables didn’t have numbers, but names such as Hogwarts, U.S.S. Enterprise and Serenity. Jessica Jacoby, Atherton Hotel Wedding Planner and Sales Manager, and her staff did an outstanding job throughout the night keeping everyone happy. Delectable Delights supplied a beautiful two-layer cake alongside chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes were filled with a mouthwatering chocolate filling, and the vanilla were filled with lemon or raspberry.  Woodring’s Floral Gardens created beautiful boutonnieres and bouquets for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests. Daniel James Photography was quick to snap memorable moments throughout the night.

Zach and Stephanie met while in college. Both tried out for the debate team, and slowly realized they really cared for each other. They went off to further their education but remained committed in their long distance relationship. Today they are happy newlyweds.

And We Danced DJ Entertainment had a marvelous time entertaining the brand new Shinall’s. Stephanie is quite the dancer and could be found quite frequently on the dance floor. Old and young alike took to the floor for fast and slow dancing. For the last dance of the night, everyone was on the dance floor celebrating and serenading the happy couple.

Thank you Zach and Stephanie for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be a part of your big day!



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A couple met in line while waiting for their local Best Buy to open its doors on Black Friday. They got married the following year there!  Another couple met while working at Sam’s Club and decided to have their big day at Sam’s Club followed by a reception in their snack bar area. This might seem like a joke, but brides and grooms are choosing to host their wedding and reception at very nontraditional venues. And We Danced DJ Entertainment has had the opportunity to serve couples in many nontraditional settings, but we haven’t yet had the opportunity to provide sound, music, and lights at the local grocery store or tire service.

Many couples are deciding to ditch a normal setting for something that means more to the couple. Did you meet at a rock concert? Rent the venue for your wedding and reception. Meet at camp? Rent the camp for your big day. Many of these venues realize that a wedding is an important milestone in the life of a couple, and the couple will have a significant moment and memory in the nontraditional venue of their choice.  Nontraditional venues are excited to work with couples to help make their day special. 

Besides music and sound, why not add a special photo booth to the mix while marrying at your local food store!  All would enjoy a great gift of a picture with the bride and groom in the nontraditional setting. It would be an event that will not be forgotten and dearly remembered in years to come.

So, if you met at the local pizza shop and spent time going to the eatery together with touching moments together at the shop, why not rent the place and hold your wedding inside!  Pizza loving guests will sign your guest book while grabbing a slice of pizza and toasting your big day.  Call, text or email today with your wedding date and nontraditional venue, and And We Danced DJ Entertainment will gladly enhance your special day!


You Are Cordially Invited To Our Wedding – 3PM At Sam’s Club!


A recent bride-to-be who hired And We Danced DJ Entertainment for her wedding approached us with a very good question about custom song edits.  This concept is worth bringing up to everyone. She stated that while she was thrilled to be planning her first dance and her father/daughter dance, the thought of spending over eight minutes on the dance floor as the focal point for two dances made her very nervous. Her question was, “Is there any way that these two songs can be shortened, other than just chopping the ends off?”

As this bride-to-be learned, And We Danced DJ Entertainment is very skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to custom song edits. Our expertise as both DJs and musicians embraces the concept that songs should always have a beginning, middle and end. Simply fading a song early to produce a shorter edit is an approach that is not employed by us, unless it is part of a live improvised mix. If shorter songs are requested for the dance floor as part of our event planning process, And We Danced takes the opportunity to establish the edits properly – with a beginning, middle and end to the song which are properly extracted and edited from the original song structure.

The fruit of our work was very apparent in watching this bride take the dance floor! Skillfully and properly crafted custom edits of the two songs reduced the total time that this nervous bride spent on the dance floor from eight minutes down to four minutes, providing her with much anxiety relief. As your wedding DJ or event DJ, And We Danced DJ Entertainment will assist with custom song edits for any event! While our work in this area primarily focuses on weddings, a great deal of custom song edits are used for other events, as well. Contact us today to get the process started!


Custom song edits make the dancing more enjoyable!


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Summer is going by so fast that we thought it would be a great idea to review some great times we had in the warm weather with some really awesome people! And We Danced DJ Entertainment provided athletes at the PA Summer Special Olympic Games with some incredible dance music between their competitions.  And We Danced DJ Entertainment had previously entertained them in March after their floor hockey competition, so we were all set to let them cut the rug! Guess what? They went wild and demonstrated their vast knowledge of musical moves.  

As your wedding DJ or event DJ, And We Danced DJ Entertainment will always make sure that the party keeps moving!  Call, text or email today to get your party started!   #AndWeDancedDJs       

Dancers Showing Off Their Moves!

Dance Party After The March 2017 Floor Hockey Competition!


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