And We Danced DJ Entertainment had a memorable evening celebrating the marriage of Stephanie Winkler and Zach Shinall at the Atherton Hotel in State College on May 18, 2018. Stephanie wore a beautiful white gown from Formalities, and Zach was dressed in a marvelous black tuxedo with a white vest and tie. The bride’s theme colors were blue and silver. The bridesmaids wore royal blue gowns, while the men wore black tuxes with royal blue vests and ties.

Both Zach and Stephanie are sci-fi enthusiasts, and it showed in their table layout at the Atherton. Tables didn’t have numbers, but names such as Hogwarts, U.S.S. Enterprise and Serenity. Jessica Jacoby, Atherton Hotel Wedding Planner and Sales Manager, and her staff did an outstanding job throughout the night keeping everyone happy. Delectable Delights supplied a beautiful two-layer cake alongside chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes were filled with a mouthwatering chocolate filling, and the vanilla were filled with lemon or raspberry.  Woodring’s Floral Gardens created beautiful boutonnieres and bouquets for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests. Daniel James Photography was quick to snap memorable moments throughout the night.

Zach and Stephanie met while in college. Both tried out for the debate team, and slowly realized they really cared for each other. They went off to further their education but remained committed in their long distance relationship. Today they are happy newlyweds.

And We Danced DJ Entertainment had a marvelous time entertaining the brand new Shinall’s. Stephanie is quite the dancer and could be found quite frequently on the dance floor. Old and young alike took to the floor for fast and slow dancing. For the last dance of the night, everyone was on the dance floor celebrating and serenading the happy couple.

Thank you Zach and Stephanie for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be a part of your big day!


Recently And We Danced DJ Entertainment was put to the test at a wedding reception during the garter toss. The groom was planning to pull some gag items out of the bride’s gown while the he was pulling off her garter, but nothing ever goes as planned!

The bride requested excerpts from three songs to use during this time.  We had to think on our feet and banter with the bride and groom to entertain the crowd during this process. While our DJ was playing these suggestive songs, our MC worked the crowd, bride and groom promoting the suggestive nature of the songs. The crowd enjoyed what was happening and was laughing along. We then played the third song, and things began to drastically change.

The bride and groom picked the third song, Pony by Ginuwine, to do their garter removal.  If you know the song, you can almost guess at what happened next. The very conservative crowd became very quiet and uncomfortable listening to the suggestive lyrics, and the raciness of the groom removing the garter. There were no gag items being removed from the bride’s gown.  Instead, the groom began to grind to the music! Our MC saw that the crowd was becoming uncomfortable and to relax them began to crack some jokes.  It was only 8pm, so references were made to it being the G-rated hour of the night getting close to the PG-rated hour! The crowd started to relax and laugh. Finally, the garter was off, and we were ready to toss the garter.  Whew!

Brides-to-be and grooms-to-be, please remember that it is your big day, but people can become uncomfortable if you push the envelope.  And We Danced DJ Entertainment is deft at bailing you out if need be!

We had so many people pat us on the back and thank us for doing such a great job afterward.  Wedding MCs need to think on their feet, and we proved ourselves that night.


Sometimes the Garter can be so Elusive and Complicated!