And We Danced DJ Entertainment had the pleasure of DJing with Silent Sound System at the Pennsylvania Bus Association’s fun-filled Silent Disco reception at the Wyndham Garden State College.  A Silent Disco is a music filled event with DJs mixing music and guests wearing headphones that minimize noise pollution and disturbance.  Guests wear headphones and have access to three separate transmissions of music from three separate DJs.  If they do not like the song on one channel, they may change to another and continue singing and dancing.  The only people that know what is being played by the DJ are the people wearing headphones tuned into a specific channel.  The colors seen on each headphone set indicate what DJ they are listening to at that time.

Silent Discos became popular during the nineties when raves were causing music disturbances to neighbors.  Today, they are being utilized in a variety of businesses.  A backpack is also available that provides the feeling of a subwoofer.  The bass of a song is transmitted to a person wearing the backpack.  So, the thumping beat can be felt even though no speakers are being utilized to transmit the music.

The Pennsylvania Bus Association is a nonprofit organization representing private bus companies.  They represent the business and governmental interests of private bus companies that operate in Pennsylvania.  One of their missions is to promote motorcoach travel through tourism or charter service.  Each year they have an annual meeting.  This year, Happy Valley Adventure Bureau helped create the four-day event with a variety of fun-filled experiences alongside business opportunities.

Each guest was given headphones to wear and taught how to tune into the three different channels.  They then gravitated to the dance floor and began to dance.  It was fun to watch the different colors on the headphones intermix on the dance floor.  One person might be dancing to a song the blue channel and another on the red or green.  It didn’t matter what color guests listened to at the time, but all were dancing and having fun.

Thank you, Silent Sound System and the Pennsylvania Bus Association for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to be part of your amazing event! 

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