And We Danced DJ Entertainment had the pleasure of celebrating Lex’s sweet sixteenth birthday at the Joshua House in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths’ BIG camera had a steady lineup of guests grabbing props, stepping behind the camera and posing for a festive birthday picture. The Joshua House was a stunning setting for the sweet sixteen party with balloons, tables, chairs, a birthday cake and an impressive buffet of Lex’s favorite foods. Lex’s mother was the caterer for the appetizing food present for the sweet sixteen birthday celebration.

Lex’s sweet sixteen celebration began with a prayer followed by the enjoyment of food. And We Danced DJ Entertainment provided background music for guests relaxing and enjoying the delicious food. After dinner, guests gathered around the sweet sixteen birthday cake. And We Danced DJ Entertainment provided the “Happy Birthday” song while guests sang to Lex. Lex cut the first piece for herself, and then spoke to the guests. She thanked everyone present for coming to her sweet sixteenth birthday bash and wanted everyone to have an awesome night dancing to the tunes from And We Danced DJ Entertainment or posing for Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths BIG camera!

Lex and her guests danced the night away to their favorite top country and pop hits. The well-known “Cupid Shuffle” and “Cha Cha Slide” had the floor packed. Pitbull’s “Fireball” had guests forming a conga line. As Lex began circling around the Joshua House, more and more guests joined the conga line. Lex could not get her dad or brother’s to join, but Mom and Lex’s aunts were ready, willing and able to conga along with the younger generation. Even the older crowd’s request for some eighties hits had the younger crowd out on the dance floor shaking their booty.

Thank you Lex for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to provide the awesome tunes for your Sweet 16 celebration!

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And We Danced DJ Entertainment had the pleasure of providing the awesome music for Emma’s Sweet 16 party at Hollidaysburg’s U.S. Hotel Tavern. Emma wore a beautiful navy blue lace dress with silver stilettos. Her theme for the night was a masquerade. Guests arrived with sensational masks for the occasion. The U.S. Hotel Tavern had a never ending buffet of fresh cut vegetables, wings, dip and pizza for the party guests. Emma thanked the guests with a decorated bag of milk chocolate nonpareils made by Mid’s Candy of Ebensburg.

Lotsa Laffs Photo Booths was very busy with guests dancing to the music while posing for pictures with the fantastic props. Emma’s parents were the first people to step behind the BIG camera and strike some poses. And We Danced DJ Entertainment had guests dancing to some old and new tunes. Friends and family gathered to joyously sing “Happy Birthday” to the new sixteen year old. Guests created a conga line during Pitbull’s “Fireball.” It was an impressive sight to see as guests moved around the room.

Sweet 16 parties are linked back to debutante balls found throughout the ages. This was a time where a young woman was presented to society to find a husband. Today, a young girl celebrates the next step in her life, young adulthood. A sixteen year old is able to obtain a driver’s license. They are allowed to work 40 hours per school week and 48 hours per non-school week. A young adult is growing up, but don’t forget the cake! Take the time to blow out the candles and make a wish. Maybe your wish will come true as it did for Samantha in the eighties movie Sixteen Candles.

Thank you Emma for allowing And We Danced DJ Entertainment to provide the awesome tunes for your Sweet 16 celebration!














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