On a beautiful, slightly warm, sunny, late afternoon April day, And We Danced DJ Entertainment set up on the Penn State HUB-Robeson lawn for a Karaoke event. Penn State’s Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, during the month of April, were celebrating Pride Month with primed-themed events. And We Danced DJ Entertainment was providing the organization and the Penn State students with some pride-themed karaoke under the stars. The campus event was known as KaraoGay.

The HUB-Robeson tent and lawn were filled with busy Penn State students eating, studying, working and playing games on this day. Sonya Wilmoth, the Interim Director for Penn State’s Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, had gathered a group of Pride members willing to take the stage and sing. Dr. Molly Countermine, Associate Teaching Professor from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, was asked to begin the event with a pride-themed song. She is not only a professor, but a singer who performs in the band The Hi-Fi’s and is part of a duo group with local singer and songwriter Ted McCloskey. Dr. Countermine chose Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” to start off the KaraoGay festivities.

The students on the HUB-Robeson lawn were awed by her singing. Many were nervous to follow in her footsteps, but someone took up the mic to sing. The HUB-Robeson lawn of students began to tune in to the KaraoGay music. The lawn was filled with students listening, singing and having fun with the students that took the stage. The students that took the stage had awesome voices. The performers were ready, willing and able to belt their chosen KaraoGay tunes.

And We Danced DJ Entertainment had to end the KaraoGay event when the lawn was being readied for movie night under the stars. Sonya Wilmoth was excited that the student body enjoyed KaraoGay and plans to add this to events planned by the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity in the coming year.

Thank you Sonya and the Penn State’s Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity for celebrating Pride Month’s KaraoGay with And We Danced DJ Entertainment!

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All content in this blog post by And We Danced DJ Entertainment. Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.