Today let’s meet one of the owners and DJs of And We Danced – DJ Chloe!

Hello DJ Chloe! What is your role at And We Danced DJ Entertainment?

I am an owner and DJ for And We Danced DJ Entertainment.

How did you get into the DJ business?

My parents have been in DJ entertainment business for many years. As I got older, they taught me how to work a mixer and prepare songs for an event. So, I learned the DJ business since it was part of my parents’ lives.

What is your favorite color?

I love the color hot pink.

What type of pet would you like to adopt?

I am a dog lover. My favorite is my miniature dachshund. She is my snuggle buddy and best buddy besides my sister.

What is your favorite food item?

My favorite food item are sugar cookies. My mom makes the best cutout sugar cookies. For my birthday, she makes me a batch with my favorite color icing. I can’t stop eating them because they taste so good.

What do you enjoy about DJing an event?

I love watching how people react to the songs I play. It is fun to see everyone dancing and having fun, but sometimes I like to test some musical selections to find out what people think.

What is your favorite artist/band/music genre?

I love electronic music.

Do you create your own remixes?

I do create my own remixes.  It’s really a blast doing that!

Do you feel different being a female DJ in a male dominated field?

I don’t think about it. My job as a DJ is to make sure the dance floor is packed with people dancing! As long as I make my clients and audience happy with my song selection and performance, then I can feel good about the impression that I make on the crowd! I like to be known as a DJ, and not just a female DJ!

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